• NO torrent/illegal activities allowed.
  • You are ONLY allowed to use this with HTTP Injector app only.
  • You are NOT allowed to share this user/pass to third party.
  • You are NOT allowed to sell this free proxy/ssh server.
  • Logging is enabled on free servers to prevent abuse
  • Any violation we will stop/change the password


403 Error? Contact us if you need ip/website whitelist or custom ports | You might need to use your original proxy with our SSH only if the speed is slow.

Free Netherlands #1


Proxy IP:
Remote Proxy Example:

Proxy Ports: 80, 8080, 8888

SSH IP: ssh.evozi.com

SSH Port: 443

If you are using private IP/APN IP for your proxy, please use as your SSH IP instead.

Reboot: Server will auto reboot every 1 hours
Info: Password will be changed if server overloaded | No torrent allowed

Last Password Change: 25 Aug 2016
# Username Password
1 evozi.com_argon xkVH5QYh
2 evozi.com_radon zSss9T7t
3 evozi.com_krypton QG4HWJqu